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Thread: BackTrack 5 R3 KDE 32 Update 12.04 Issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReaperXXXXX View Post
    I have been trying to update backtrack 5 r3 from lucid to 12.04.. not "why not" reason... I have a broadband connection.. from usb 3g
    huawei e327...
    and it doesn't detect it at all.. and ubuntu 12.04 does even I have to big question

    why there's no backtrack based on a newer ubuntu version like 12.04 or 12.10...?
    it doesn't support new tools..
    about network manager I managed to get a wired connection and installed network manager to get my 3G connection to work.. but it's is not updated..and it doesn't support the network in my country...
    Can I have a tutoriel... on how to upgrade backtrack from 10.04 to 12.04.. coz I tried almost every thing and it failes to boot..
    and to where's the problem if backtrack cames with ubuntu 12.04 installed on it?
    First, BT5 is "BASED", not "IS" lucid..It is BASED on lucid, or if you want to be more detailed, BASED on Debian, with a 3.2 kernel, their own "modded" drivers, their own repos and many app installed...

    Second, if you want to use any Ubuntu distro , just download it, and modify the drivers for your wifi iface, install all possible app (aircrack-ng, apache, reaver, metasploit, SET, nmap, ettercap, JTR, sslstrip, etc).

    I have my own Debian testing with many of those app.

    The BT5 is not a "daily basis" OS...Is for pentesting....

    I invite you to try installing all app in the OS of your taste...

    By the way, I firmly belive that BT5 developers are focused on the Systems Security matters/issues, not in the "looks", "how colorfull" and "just one click" features.

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