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Thread: Making a backdoor on WAN - help

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    Default Making a backdoor on WAN - help

    I have been using Backtrack 5 to create backdoor executable files using the reverse tcp payload.
    I realized that this is only effective to slaves located in my LAN when using LHOST to my internal IP.
    I tried switching to my IPv6 to try and make this affect targets outside of my LAN, but no luck.
    It gives me a error and sets the PAYLOAD listener to or similar.

    My question to some of you that are more experienced with this is:

    Is there a way to make a backdoor that works outside of LAN areas.
    I have been looking into RAT's lately as well.

    This is for penetration testing on my end, not black hat hacking.

    Any help would be awesome!
    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: Making a backdoor on WAN - help

    Is there a way to make a backdoor that works outside of LAN areas.
    Presuming you are NAT'ed, set LHOST to your modem's public IP, and forward the relevant port from your BT machine. There are lots of ways this can fail though, eg dynamic attacker IP, egress firewall on victim etc

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