I have posted once before with confusion to easycreds, i have made progres but have been using airmon-ng to learn the step by step basics. My AP is created, i can use a windows vista machine to connect, and use the internet BUT after about 5 min i lose connection and am unable to reconnect.
I have a crappy netbook running BT5 R3 with 800MB ram, part of me thinks i just cant maintain a proper connection due to lack of hardware but messing up my IP tables/dhcpd file makes more sense.
I have googled the life out of this issue, college hasnt started yet so on average i spend 5 hours a day messing with this issue. I post here as basically a last resort, i am out of ideas, tired of wireshark analysis, feel dead in the water.
Plus what is odd, my iphone cannot connect to my AP, ever, with using 3 different programs. What am I doing wrong, where do i look next?