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Thread: Better Unichrome/ OpenChrome support

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    Default Better Unichrome/ OpenChrome support

    Hi guys!

    If I may, it would be nice if Back Track can offer a more Out-Of-The-Box experience for the OpenChrome drivers....

    I know some of you guys can get the built-in via working... but I've been chatting to the openchrome developers all day.... and I just cant get the resolution any higher than 1024x768....

    But...if I'm the only one battling with the VIA/S3G GPU.... then it doesnt really help to add additional support to BT 3....

    Anyway, can't wait for the new BT 3 release... and thanks to all the people working Backtrack to make it the ultimate linux distro!

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    This isn't the problem of BT3, its moreso to do with Xorg (GUI daemon) and VIA themselves.

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    Yea, I'd love to have better openchrome support with any version of linux.
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