I have a HP Probook 6555b

At first I ran airmon-ng/airodump/airreplay under BT 5 r1

Worked like a magic - cracked my local WEP in 10 minutes

At one point BT 5 r2 worked also for WEP stuff

Now when I boot off any r1 or r2 or r3 - the wifi indicator light goes from blue (at some point during the boot) to yellow/orange - apparently something turns it off or disables it

So, airmon-ng stop wlan0 - no errors
pkill -9 dhcl - no errors
airmon-ng start wlan0 - no errors, as expected, mon0 is created, and mon0 is also in the output from ifconfig -a

yeah, I did try to run "dhclient wlan0" and "ifconfig wlan0 up" and "ifconfig wlan0 up" (local network is

I did check bios - can't find anything that would turn the wifi interface off

BTW, r1 does not work any longer either

the interface works fine under windows 7 ent

so, any ideas or suggestions - any workarounds

broadcom 4313, in case it matters (but it worked well just 2 days ago)