I had BT 1 installed to my HD and decided to upgrade to BT 2.0; So I wiped my HD and booted up using the new BT 2.0 CD, so far so good.

I followed the instructions on how todo a Hard Drive install, all worked fine.
I removed the CD after the install completed, booted it up and it does the following:

Loading Slax........................................
BIOS Data Check Sucessful
Then the screen blinks and then my laptop crashes/stops with a black screen and along the top of the screen I have a 20mm high fuzzy strip


Make: Fujitsu Siemens
Model: Lifebook E Series
CPU: Intel P3 700Mhz
RAM: 256MB
HD: 12GB

I can boot it up from the CD and it works fine!

Any help would be great! Thanks