Hi everyone!

I need to reinstall BT5 after I upgraded ubuntu which somehow ruined my environment.

I have a dual boot machine with Win 7 and BT5R2. I installed Win 7 after BackTrack (I ruined my original Win7 installation and had to struggle with grub etc but finally got it working as I wanted).

Now I am doing the reinstall of BT5R3, in the last step (8 of 8) when it says "Ready to install", there is
an advanced options.

There is a checkbox with [] Install Boot loader (checked by default)
and it specifies the disk (/dev/sda).

I'm very scared that if I keep it checked it will ruin my Win7 partition and existing boot loader (grub).

Can I uncheck the [] Install boot loader?

I'm trying to understand what the risks are and how to keep things working.

Grateful for any help!


P.s. I've been having problems loging into this forum, after typing user and pw, I am still logged out. I deleted my cookies and then I could log in... strange...