I have searched for this topic and could not find anything about it, within the last 2 years. I have finally downloaded/ installed BT5 R3 and wanted to try out some other tools I had not previously used. One of them being Easy-Creds, so far I can broadcast my AP but cannot connect to it.
I have done apt-get update/upgrade/dist-upgrade/dhcp3-server upgrade, as well as update all options within the program. I have edited my etter.conf file (value=0) in both areas, taken out the "#" under the linux portion, and set my tunnel interface to "at0".
I believe I am doing something wrong with how I make my ip tables, but if I'm connecting to a new AP, shouldn't my AP distribute the IP's I specify?
My table is (standard) with the dns as (standard). I can see my other computer trying to join in the Easy-Creds interface, but still can't actually join the network.
Any ideas? Or should I give up and move on? I'm on day 3 of trying to get this to work, my frustration has grown into just ready to give up.