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Thread: Easy Credentials, help needed adding a tunnel.

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    Unhappy Easy Credentials, help needed adding a tunnel.

    Hi Iam really new at backtrack I did never use it until now , all my life I used MS and linux .

    well I already install the backtrack but I dont know what to do now I was trying to use the easy creds but I got some problems at the time to add tunnel when i press it were nothing on it


    I will leave a picture of it .

    if there is any opinion which you maybe want to give me please feel free to post it I dont even know to how to update the tools , if is any guide of how to use.

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    Default Re: Easy Credentials, help needed adding a tunnel.

    You have to install the dhcp3-server first. Try option 3 first then retry adding the tunnel.

    Btw: use at0 for the tunnel interface


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