I'm trying setting my Netgear WG511T in monitor mode using Ubuntu 7.04.
I have a feeling it is somewhat interfearing with my built in ipw2200 but I'm not sure.

I've tried disabling both eth1 (ipw2200) and ath0 using "airmon-ng stop eth1" and "airmon-ng stop ath0". But they still show up in the iwconfig list and when I use airmon-ng stop ath0 I get error 537:wlanconfig not found.

when "airmon-ng start ath0" I get VAP cannot be put in monitor mode
when "airmon-ng start wifi0" I get unregognised wireless request "10" and device not found

Any ideas, please? (yeah obvouisly run bt 2.0 but I would like to get it working in ubuntu)