Hi, I have bought an new AWUS036H 1W v5 version. i was trying it on backtrack to see if it works out of the box with the aircrack suite as stated everywhere but it doesn't seem to work as stated. this is what i have been doing

1) put the card in monitor mode
2) fake auth with the ap
3) start frag attack

the first two steps work fine but the third step fails with " not enough acks, repeating"

at the most it asks to quit with 384 bytes of keystream, and that too only on rare occasions.

i had read that this problem may be due to the ap being very near to the card resulting in packet corruption, but i have tried different locations and it gives the same result.

i have another atheros AR9271 based usb adapter which is working better than this alfa card. the third step is completed in less than 1 second with the atheros card.

i have tried to reduce the recieve sensitivity of the alfa appx. equal to the atheros card by reducing the length of the antenna, but even then the atheros outperforms the alfa.

i have tested it on Backtrack5 R2, Backtrack5 R3 (rtl8187 driver) and Backtrack 3 (r8187 driver) but all give the same result.also the possibiilty of the alfa being fake is not there as i was directed to the seller by the alfa people

what is the problem with the alfa card ? is the driver for alfa at fault?