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Thread: Im stuck lol

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    Default Im stuck lol

    Hello all.

    Im working my way through the book The basics of hacking and penetration testing by patrick engebretson, testing against a windows vista machine (no service pack) on an offline network. I was using nessus against the machine as he does in the book hoping to find a high priority exploit allowing the remote execution of code and i did (MS07-063). In the book he fires up Metasploit and searches for the vulnerability and finds it. Despite updating Metasploit the vulnerability i found does not exist in its database. I also searched for the CVE and BID numbers of lesser exploits but no luck. I managed to find some proof of concept code for MS07-063 that was written in python so im now trying to compile it as an exploit, but this has left me with questions and im finding it very difficult;

    1. do i save the code in python to a file then run Gcc to compile it? (im assuming Gcc is a program not a command

    2. is sending the exploit as simple as filling in the host details in the code, compiling it, then executing to send the code?

    Forgive the newb questions iv got a little out of my depth lol. Im thinking of trying to find an old unpatched xp machine and scan that instead so i hopefully win a little and establish a reverse shell. However i figured ill learn more by asking and trying these sorts of things.

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    Default Re: Im stuck lol

    Python is a interpreted programming language. You make it executable and run it like a bash script.

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