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Thread: Backtrack Partition Tutorial Should Be Modified

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    Default Backtrack Partition Tutorial Should Be Modified

    The tutorial initially tells us to delete all our partition.
    This should not be done!!

    I had a windows partition destroyed that way. What is the proper "advanced" way to do things so that I can split a partition into two to accommodate backtrack?

    Can someone give a step by step?

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    Default Re: Backtrack Partition Tutorial Should Be Modified

    What tutorial are you talking about? The tutorial in the How To section say's the following:

    "This method of installation is the simplest available. The assumption is that the you have a Windows installation taking up all the space on your drive, and you would like to resize and repartition your drive to allow a BackTrack install alongside your Windows. BACK UP YOUR WINDOWS INSTALLATION FIRST."

    There's no mention of deleting all your partitions.

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