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Thread: Problem with CUDA

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    Default Problem with CUDA

    Hi. I have samsung RF-511 laptop, and I have big problem with crack WPA (i want use Pyrit). Backtrack doesn't see my cuda graphic card. I try install but apt-get update, apt-get install nvidia-driver doesn't work - he stops sometimes in 54%, 98% etc. I thought I would crack the password in Windows. The first one I used aircrack-ng - capacity 3000 k/s Next was hashcat-gui: 3800 k/s This latest, Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor: 5800 k/s Unfortunately, performance is poor relative to what I have seen people reach the pyrite. Can someone check if he can get the password?

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    Default Re: Problem with CUDA

    No one is going to try and crack a password for you... You can use an online system (google for it, can't remember off the top of my head) and pay for them to crack it. Alternatively, you can go to nVidia's website, download the linux driver for your graphics card and then install it, rather than relying on an apt-get. Hope that helps.

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    Default Re: Problem with CUDA

    Just use pureh@t's WPA cracker:

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    Default Re: Problem with CUDA

    Do you have an Intel HD3000/4000 GPU also?, if so, there might be a problem.

    Go into your BIOS, find the setting that allows you to change the GPU, and choose the setting that only uses the nVidia card.

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