I have recently got a new Acer Aspire One 756-877 netbook and did a hard disk installation of BT5r2 32-bit and later upgraded to r3.

CPU: Intel Celeron 877, 1.4ghz
RAM: 4g
Graphics: Intel HD (256MB shared)
HD: 350GB
Wifi: Atheros AR5BW222
Touchpad: etps/2 elantech with integrated left-right buttons

BT works OK in general, however there are a few issues which don't work correctly.

1. Graphics
Graphics are really slow. You can work decently if you disable desktop effects.

2. Thouchpad
The touchpad is the real problem: It has integrated buttons and BT doesn't recognize it correctly. I installed the
Synaptics TouchPad driver for X.Org server (driver version 1.2.2-1ubuntu4) with the KpackageKit and I am able to do a right click only if I tap instantly on the touchpad with 2 fingers. As you understand this is not at all practical.

3. Wifi
Airmon-ng says that the chipset is Atheros AR9462 and the driver loaded is ath9k.
Packet injection works OK.
However, I noticed that signal reception is not good at all. In my home network, if a move outside the house the signal is -70/-78db and connection drops in a few minutes, while with Win7 reception is very very good and never drops.

4. Screen
On other issue, which can be fairly important is that it is not possible to adjust screen brightness (either from the fn buttons, nor from the system settings). As you understand this is not good for battery consumption when being unplugged.

This is what I have found up to now. Everything else seems to work OK.

Could someone help with any of the above issues?

Please tell me if you need any further information.

Thank you in advance!

P.S. This post was intended for the Non-working hardware section. Can the mod move it? Sorryyyy...