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Thread: Apt-get upgrade problem.

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    Default Apt-get upgrade problem.

    Today when i started backtrack it requested to upgrade the system.I made the upgrade and after the 10 minutes the upgrade crashed and also the internet.Now when i want to execute apt-get upgrade it says 0 upgraded,0 newly installed,- to remove and 188 not upgraded.It does not want to upgrade.


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    Default Re: Apt-get upgrade problem.

    did you tryed to

    apt-get install <all package names>

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    Default Re: Apt-get upgrade problem.

    You could try:
    apt-get clean
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    Default Re: Apt-get upgrade problem.

    Hello, I am new to backtrack and it has been some time since I have had to even say Linux much less do anything in it, so I may sound real stoopid... sorry.

    I have the same/similar problem as the thread title.. upgrade has a problem.

    I loaded a BT5 cd I had received a while ago.

    It ran fine. the install went perfect.

    I then realized there was an R3 version, so I looked up the instructions to get the update. I could not find a direct RC to RC3 upgrade so I figured to go to RC2 than to RC3.

    I found this page,

    apt-get update----got the latest updates, no problem.

    apt-get dist-upgrade--This ran for about 40 minutes and then popped up with a window demanding for me to choose to upgrade the network right then. It told me I could do it later. I chose to do it then. It ran and seemed to work okay. They the tarballs started to be expanded, and then a series of installing...... lines appeared for about an hour.

    That's were I am stopped. Right now the screen is locked at the following (I know it is a help file image that it is stuck on.)

    "A w3af/readme/EN/gtkUihtml/gtkUiUserguide_html_m3291ea61.png. "

    it has now been locked there for 2 hours.

    I know it is a help file image, I just don't want to hoark up the install by crashing out of this screen. It have not gotten to the 3rd and 4th lines (install beef and reboot) of the instructions I found. So i really don't know what expect if I crash out of the system and reboot.
    apt-get install beef



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