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Thread: Grabbing NTLM hashes from a Windows Server

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    Default Grabbing NTLM hashes from a Windows Server


    Ok, consider this scenario.

    I have managed to gain LAN access to a network, but have no Windows credentials (i.e hacked wireless, or have physcial port access).

    The ways I know of to grab NTLM password hashes are:

    Using something using something like metasploit
    ARP Poisoning to sniff NTLM passwords as users authenticate with DC (I think?)
    Using something like pwdump or fgdump to nab them.

    Today I have been playing with pwdump/fgdump.

    Testing on my own network is fine, as I have adminsitrator priv's, can disable AV (McAfee), etc.

    But on a real pentest environement I will have neither of these.

    What is the best way to grab these (stealthily) so that I can crack them with the various hash cracking tools later on?

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    Default Re: Grabbing NTLM hashes from a Windows Server

    Hy there

    Actually i'm working on the same Goals...
    Today, i tried with ARP Poising to sniff some Hashes from the Domain Controller, without luck ;-)
    (But, i didn't spend a lot of time...)

    The way worket for me, was simpler. (Because you need to know the Domain Controller...)
    I realized that theres a SharePoint Server and the Traffic was routet Out of the Lan (perhaps a guest Lan).
    So, i simply poisgned route from my victim to the router and this way i received the hash ;-)

    In the near future - i trie to catch a hash from a domain controller, if i find some time.
    Let me know, the status of your project ;-)

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