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Thread: Desktop effects could not be enable error

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    Default Desktop effects could not be enable error

    Hello to all,

    as regularly i fire up apt-get update && apt-get upgrade went bit wrong this time

    hoping to get updates to my lovely backtrack5 r3 GNOME 64bit and keep it up to date, well i did but after i realize that my desktop effects is gone! so i did some google search and come a cross some threads on ubuntu forums but none of those solved my problem, it just because they are bit old and now this days have different kernel and locations and all that staff, the fix was very easy, so i decided to uninstall my ati driver and downloaded the latest vision and install it and that fixed the problem even though i didn't had much hope to fix it that way

    hope that will help some1,

    oh yeah the good thing about it all i didn't had to reset pyrit, pyrit was able to find my new up to date driver,

    good day
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