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Thread: Broken Metasploit?

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    Default Broken Metasploit?

    Not sure if it's me doing something wrong, BT, or Metasploit. I usually run msfupdate every time I load up backtrack along with apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade.

    Recently, on my work PC and my home PC, I'm getting the same errors when trying to set a payload in Metasploit. It just started yesterday, and it still exists today. Any idea how to fix this manually? Or should I wait on them? See screenshot.

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    Default Re: Broken Metasploit?

    I had the same problem - fixed by purging and re-installing. Can't explain why.

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    Default Re: Broken Metasploit?

    maybe it will be a case! but I did not have this problem:
    after apt-get update && apt-get dist upgrade .... (to R3)
    I launched "" msfconsole "...... (to create PRIM.... KEY ..... bla..bla..bla ..)
    && run msfupdate(in-msfconsole)

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    Default Re: Broken Metasploit?

    Yeah. It seems like, late yesterday, msfupdate updated a couple of files and then it was fine again. Glad this is taken care of. I run into this same issue periodically with other functions of Metasploit, but thankfully not too frequent.

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