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Thread: Fix fast-track after metasploit update (autopwn)

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    Default Fix fast-track after metasploit update (autopwn)

    After updating metasploit, fast-track does not work due to the removal of db_autopwn from the metasploit framework. This is easily fixed by first grabbing db_autopwn which you can do in this thread:

    After you have db_autopwn, we just need to add two lines to fast-track's script.

    Navigate (command line or file manger) to: /pentest/exploits/fasttrack/bin/ftsrc

    Using your favourite text editor open and find the following lines(roughly line 84):

    child1 = pexpect.spawn('msfconsole')
    Add a blank line below it and then add the following:

    # load autopwn
       child1.sendline ('load db_autopwn')
    The block should look something like this when finished:
       child1 = pexpect.spawn('msfconsole')
    # load autopwn
       child1.sendline ('load db_autopwn')
    # load sqlite3
       child1.sendline ('db_driver postgresql')
    # run actual port scans
       child1.sendline ('''db_nmap %s ''' % (ipaddr))
    Save the file, and now fast-track's autopwn feature should be fully working again.


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    Default Re: Fix fast-track after metasploit update (autopwn)

    This works great! But whenever i scan a single ip, it always scan the previous ips i entered.

    Let's say i scan , close fast track , open it, scan and then scans first the previous ( ).

    Any suggestions?

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