I am new in this forum and I would like to use Back Track once I am ready.
Since I am a newcomer in the Linux universe I am using Ubuntu and Debian right now because I think this will be an easier start rather than
jumping immediately into the BT universe.

I was always fascinated by IT security but did not explore this field since I thought that only people like programmers or those with a degree in quantum physics
would only be able to understand IT security. But know I do not think that way anymore and I really want to become an expert of IT security. Therefore I am asking
if anyone may help me please because I do not know where to start.
I did a research on the net already but there are so many sites which claim that they "know
what it takes" to be an IT security expert. And I do not want to follow a path that does not lead me to my goal. And I think this forum is a good starting point.

How to secure a wireless connection? How can I determine if a network is insecure and how can I fix these problems? How to hide my Ip address effectively to maintain
my privacy?

Those and many more are the questions I have always asked myself.

Of course, you can tell to search every topic one by one. But what I am looking for is...well some sort of "guideline" which explains even the basic things of IT secur$
let's say in a logic order like "starting from scratch" or "the ABC of IT security"

If any of you have suggestions about books which a serious and reliable about this topic please let me know.
I know it will take me years to learn that but I am patient.
I just want to have a solid base of knowledge before I start using BT. because without that knowledge It makes now sense to use it in the first place.

It is not my intention to waste space here in this forum by asking this question. So if you also think that there are forums that handle this topic
in a general but solid matter and not BT related please let me know.

Thank You

Best regards