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Thread: Part one of an ASM ghostwriting PoC script

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    Lightbulb Part one of an ASM ghostwriting PoC script

    This is now on github

    I'd like to start off by apologizing in advance. This is posted in the experts section for a reason. This is not a script for people who want to zOMG hax0R things. This is for people who appreciate hacking.
    While reading blog posts about AV bypass, one method described was ASM ghostwriting. I thought it was a really cool method, and wanted to look beyond static string replacement in the ASM code. So I came up with several ideas.

    The first part of my script (this part) is a parser. It will read in an ASM.s file, and output the stack and reg values acc. to its parser. Please read the readme for a more full explanation.

    The second two parts will be added to the main part, hopefully, and will be ASM generators/obfuscators and a static string replacement method.

    Again, I apologize for sounding like a jerk, but since this is made for people who write shellcode, and not just disassemble a metasploit payload, it *ONLY* reads in files of *VALID* ASM code. Please see the readme for what is considered valid.

    I am posting it here half-done for several reasons:
    1) Find any bugs.
    2) Comment about the script, and functionality you want added.
    3) Stoke people's interest, so I can gauge how much work I should be putting into it.
    4) Get people on the team to help me
    The help necessary is to come up with an engine of some sort to generate ASM code based on a saved framestate. Again, see the readme...

    I've included the script, the readme, and some test shellcode files. One will obviously fail.
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