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Thread: Why Not TOR?

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    Question Why Not TOR?

    First off, wondering why it isn't included. Second, wondering why it isn't detected by apt-get when it is on at least one of the ubuntu or debian package lists. Also, any advice or opinions on TOR... it all seems kinda risky... Don't trust the few tutorials that I have found out there on how to get it working on BT5. Honestly, don't trust tor it's self... Developed by the Government...? Idk, sounds a little fishy to me. So give me your advice and opinions! Thanks!
    Oh, and I guess some instructions on how to get it working on BT5 would be nice (I think I'd trust them a little more coming from here).
    Again, thanks!

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    Default Re: Why Not TOR?

    AFAIK it's not developed by the government, the onion routing was initally designed by US Naval Research Laborator and they are no longer involved in this.
    I disagree, we don't need tor for anonimity and would do more harm if we use it for hacking. It would have a bad reputation and would be blocked and the average Joe who really needs it won't be able to use it anymore.
    But I would agree to use it, when our web activity is more a like with Joe's(aka - not hacking) and turn it off when used for pentesting/hacking.
    Some useful tips for tor:
    Use text-based browser or the Tor Button bundle.
    Don't use javascript.
    Don't use flash.
    Don't use plugins that are not audited for tor usage.
    Keep in mind that tor provides anonimity not privacy, so all your traffic would be out in the open(at the exit node) - but nobody will know who is belonging to...unless you give that information yourself.
    Make sure whatever application you use, it doesn't leak any information.(not using entirely the tor network).
    Did I say to make sure about the leakage?

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