I have the ISO's for BT4 R1, BT5 R1 & R2, My Belkin 54G Wireless adapter can scan with Airodump-ng and use everything else, but when I use BT5 R1 or R2, it shows up, and can be put into monitor mode, but when I scan with Airodump-ng, it doesn't list any networks at all.

While using BT4 R1, i can scan with airodump, capture Handshakes, but I can't use apt-get update to work, so I can't install reaver.

While using BT5 R1 or R2, i can get apt-get update to work and install Reaver, but scanning with airodump-ng gets not results, I'm guessing something to do with the drivers for my specific card have been updated with the newer releases and is causing this!

Does anyone have a fix for this, I can most of the basic stuff If I just use BT4, but for using the newer releases and tools, I need to be able to use BT5, but It doesn't seem to wanna use this adapter with the new release.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thank You!