Ello everyone. I am just trying to contribute to this awesome place. Here is what i have found. I have not found a fix for it yet. i plan to though as i have been working on it for about an hour now. Might just have to re-install it. haha

Tried to run httprint from command line and it says command not found. So i went to the menu and went here:

application>BackTrack>Info gathering>net analysis>service fingerprinting>httprint

says /pentest/enumeration/www/httprint/linux no such file or directory.

Turns out that it is supposed to be /pentest/enumeration/web/httprint/linux

the tool is in there but even when i copy the launcher from the menu to the desktop and change the path, it opens a terminal and displays the man page for httprint. i follow the example and it still says command not found. I have tried it whilst being in the same directory as well.

i did find a tutorial on line to get the gui working but still no go.