I'm trying to setup a fake AP for learning purposes with WEP encryption. I'm following the SecurityTube's wlan security megaprimer.

In part 16/17 we are required to set up a fake AP with WEP with airbase-ng and have the client connect to it.

Vivek then says that the client should connect even without any DHCP server and use APIPA to get an IP after a while.

I can't get the client to connect when the access point is encrypted. In any other case it goes as it is supposed to. What i mean is that if i don't have the wep encription beacon up in airbase-ng, i can use a bridge with brctl to and the client connects perfectly. Also, if in airbase-ng i give it the -w option with the pass the client uses, it also goes well. But as the goal is using this AP to do a caffe latte attack, i don't think a should need to do this...

I've followed the packets trace and what happens is that after the authentication and association fase, the clieant sens a deauth package to the AP. My fake AP replie that the authentication and the association went well. I don't know why this happens. Can you guys help me?

I'm using the Alfa AWUSO36H and Backtrack 5 r2 kde 32 bits inside a Vbox.

Here are all the commands i type:
airmon-ng start wlan0
iwconfig mon0 channel 1
iwconfig wlan0 channel 1

airobase-ng -W 1 -c 1 --essid test mon0

#i also tried this sometimes
#ifconfig at0 up

#and even this

#brctl addbr mitm
#brctl addif eth0
#brctl addif at0
#ifconfig eth0 up
#ifconfig at0 up
#ifconfig mitm up
#dhclient3 mitm
Nothing works, any help?