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Thread: Install BT on HDD without CD/DVD Rom or USB

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    Default Install BT on HDD without CD/DVD Rom or USB

    How can I install BT on my HDD without using CD/DVD Rom or USB?

    I do not have a CD/DVD Rom drive yet, my computer cannot boot from USB. So I can not boot BT Live distro and run the installer.

    My only available option is the (unpacked) BT ISO file and the Windows or MS DOS system.

    Is there an option to install BT without booting it first from a removable media?
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    Default Re: Install BT on HDD without CD/DVD Rom or USB

    I've started & installed BackTrack straight from the ISO image using VMWare, so it is possible. With the exception I just mentioned, as far as I know, you must boot BT first before installing it.
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    Default Re: Install BT on HDD without CD/DVD Rom or USB

    I made this tutorial a while back, I hope it helps. There's also a VirtualBox guide. Here are the links:
    HowTo: Install BT4 Dual Boot using VMware Workstation
    Installing BT4 to HDD using VirtualBox

    But be careful, some things have changed since I made the guides, so you have to adapt the procedure.
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    Default Re: Install BT on HDD without CD/DVD Rom or USB

    You could also use install over the network using PXE

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