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Thread: Battery Drainage

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    Although not an issue in specifically backtrack but for the Linux kernel 2.6.x has anyone had any issues with their batteries draining extremely fast in the new BTR3? Ive been researching and found that it's a problem with the sandy/ivy bridge processors and the kernel. But also read it would be fixed in ver 3.x. Never found anything else on the linux and battery drainage issue. Everyones said powertop etc etc and I've even been told to place parameters in grub cfg ex:




    Googling "The Leading Cause Of The Recent Linux Kernel Power Problems" can find more information on this. The main site that has the best information about battery draining using linux is phoronix which ive found a lot of info. To get back to my question has anyone had luck with the new version of BT on their mobile systems as far as battery consumption goes. Thanks for any input.

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    i have a Lenovo edge 15 running BT5R3 KDE 64 bit. under windows 7 i get 5-6hrs of bat life. under BT i get less than an hour. i only found this post as i was trying to get info on how to have a battery status icon. my only warning is a power devil popup notice stating battery level is critical as it starts to immediately sleep. there is no other warning or advanced notice. its very annoying as there isn't enough notice to plug power in.

    i used to be fairly profecient in SCO/BSD and slackware but that was 10 years ago.. now i cant find s#!+..

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