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Thread: back|track2 on ubuntu grub...

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    Default back|track2 on ubuntu grub...

    hi to all…
    … and excuse me for my bad English.

    they are new of the forum, and back|track2 and I hope to make part of your wonderful community…

    my problem….is a problem that too many persons resolve, in a various way, than to me does not appeal to.

    I have installed, on my PC, but I want that me functions like one normal distribution, and therefore that he leaves me to the boot, to insert within the bootloader of debian or ubuntu that with to the backtrack2 are my 3 O.S...

    ...but bt2 it does not have one tightens easy recognizable from me, for the bootloader, and then, considering that….
    1-my HD is the sda
    2-my debian is on sda3
    3-my ubuntu is on sda1
    4 my bt2 is on sda4

    which it tightens I would have to insert on “/boot/grub/menu.list” of ubuntu in order to make the boot with bt2 ?

    I have tried to try in google, but I have only found user that virtualiz the bt2….and I do not want virualizer , but some very O.S..

    thanx for all forum….


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    Just install unbuntu last and then use the grub manual here after all the triple boot threads with unbuntu I tried it on one of my toshibs sattalite laptops with xp, then bt and then unbuntu. Then I used the MANUAL for the tool to edit the menu. The whole affair was done and dusted in a few hours as my friend Baxter says

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    for of mine little time on hand I have resolved much late, but I have resolved… this is the important…: -)

    I have decided to hold it on pendrive , plus space on my HD.

    thanks of all.

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    Default relax !!!

    just relax . you are almost there
    next time just use the forum search function and you would have found your anwser in my 5 minute tutorial here in the newbie forum called : dual boot problem solved. by socialdefect (dont have enough post yet to post links so find it yourself)

    just folow the 2 steps and you will be able to boot

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    hi all,
    thanks for your answer be a lot
    profit for me
    I had already read yours post, but
    my problem, is that I wanted
    to install bt2 without having
    obligatory reinstall 1)-bt2;
    and 2)-ubuntu, for having bt2 on my HD.

    but I have resolved

    1) with ubuntu already installed, I have installed
    bt2 on my second partition, making
    so that the lilo of bt2 it was in MBR.
    2) after the installation of bt2, ubuntu not
    it made the boot, because was overwrite
    from the lilo of bt2.
    I with one live (Knoppix), have reinstalled
    the grub of ubuntu, and inserted in

    title <<back|track2
    rootnoverify (hd0,4)
    kernel /boot/vmlinuz vga=791 root=/dev/sda4

    and all is ok.

    many thanks to all.

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