Actually 1st i would like to explain my situation..

I am trying to create a fake access point using my laptop..

I used airbase-ng --essid fakeAP mon0 command to create a fake access point on monitor mode which creates another interface at0 in backtrack 5R1.

Now i installed a dhcpd server and running it on at0 interface to provide IP to clients which is working well.

Since i want to give an internet connection to client...
I m connected to internet through wifi using wlan0 interface
and trying to bridge at0 and eth0 interface to provide internet connection.
for bridging both interfaces i used brctl addbr mitm and added both interfaces at0 and eth0 but when i m trying to fire the command dhclient3 mitm & and it's showing some error ..

so exactly i want to know is it possible to use one wifi card for creating fake AP and providing internet also (when i m also connected to internet through wifi.) or i will have to use two(another) wifi card ???