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Thread: VM: BackTrack doesn't shutdown

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    Default VM: BackTrack doesn't shutdown

    I am still in the process of installing BackTrack. Im installing it on a virtual machine.

    I have reached step 5 on the "How To" installation:

    Now it's stuck on the shutdown screen. Its been saying "The system is going down for reboot NOW!" for over an hour.

    How do I fix this? Force shutdown isn't an option with a virtual machine.

    Screen shot:
    backtrack error.jpg

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    Default Re: VM: BackTrack doesn't shutdown

    I don't think its a good idea to issue a reboot command inside a VM environment. The reason is, I believe if you do so, the VM OS will just stop all running processes like its going to reboot, but since its virtualized you are asking it to simulate a reboot, and in essence the VM is still running the OS just stopping everything. I recommend issuing a halt command instead so that it asks the OS to exit. I'm not sure if that is clear. I hope it helps.

    As for the installation, I believe there is an option to continue with the LiveCD after installation, in which place you can then use the console to issue the command "restart -h now"
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