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Thread: Appearance Issues

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    Default Appearance Issues

    I have a couple issues regarding appearance I have not been able to figure out:

    • Unable to drage windows with my cursor.
    • Minimize, Maximize, Close buttons not present on windows.
    • In Firefox, when I clock on a menu item to open it up, then move my cursor down, the menu automatically collapses. Lateral movement is fine, and I can use the arrow keys to manually work through the menus. I do not have this issue when I navigate the menu in the Home Folder.

    The theme I am running is called "Slickness-black". I have tried changing the icons and changing the theme to the default "Dust". No Joy. How do I fix these issues?

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    Default Re: Appearance Issues

    I did some hunting around and got some feedback through another forum. It was suggested that the window manager had crash. Since I'm running GNOME 2.30.2, I was told to run the following:

    metacity --replace &

    This worked temporarily. As soon as I closed the terminal, the symptons returned in full. Next, I was asked to run the following:

    nohup metacity --replace &

    This worked better. I could now open and close windows, and everything worked as advertised. However, once I log off, the symptoms return again.

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