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Thread: Installing/running Backtrack 5.2 on XenServer

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    Question Installing/running Backtrack 5.2 on XenServer

    Hello. I am trying to install Backtrack onto XenServer. I have grabbed the Gnome ISO, installed it on Xen using the "other" choice for OS, selected the Barcktrack 5.2 iso, and installed.

    At boot of Backtrack, I was getting read only access about 50% of the time. One one boot where I managed to mount read/write, I was able to run startx, mount the xentools iso, and install the xentools.
    THis was a mistake - now nothing I can do brings the system up with read/write access.
    Is there anyone who has installed Backtrack 5.2 on XenServer? If so, were you able to convert the installation to a paravirtualized VM, as opposed to trying to run it as HVM?

    I have tried to edit the /etc/fstab file to force read/write - but because I cannot write cahnges to the file, this does not work.
    a mount -a simply returns me to a prompt with no errors, and drive stil mounted RO.
    I have been unable to remove the Xentools, because I cannot write to the partition.

    I am running BackTrack 5.2 Gnome, Intel architecture.
    While installed on a VM, this was done like an HDD install, since I found no Xen directions.
    My XenServer is version 56. sp2.

    I only have web-console access tot he BackTrack VM, system info is not easy to post - I pretty much have to type in everything. That said, close to the end of a dmesg output is a key to why I'm mounted read only:
    [ 9.920966] EXT4-fs (xdav1): delayed block allocation failed for indoe 2884818 at logical offset 0 with max blocks 1 with error -30
    [ 9.920978] EXT4-fs (xdav1): THis should not happen!! Data will be lost
    [ 9.920979]
    [ 9.920999] EXT4-fs error (device xdav1) in ext4_da_wrtepages:2298: Journal has aborted

    If there is no way to rescue this install, I'm OK with starting over, but if there IS a way to rescue it, I'd like to try - I have to bug someone else to re-run the install because I do not have access to the Xen console - I'd like to avoid draggin two of us into this if possible.
    I found these instructions:
    but I do not remember being given the choice of using ext3 when installing BackTrack - I do not know how vital using ext3 is to those instructions, but I'm guessing it wouldn't be in the instructions were it not necessary.

    I blew away the VM, and now have access to the Xen server. I am installing from BT5R2-GNOME-64.iso. I am able to install (and partition to ext3, yeah!), but once the system boots of the HDD installed instance, it throws an error on the file system, and mounts in Read-only. fsck doesn't help, reboot -F doesn't help, I always get a read only file system. To be clear, this is NOT a "live" install. Anything I might be able to try?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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