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Thread: Recommended wireless usb adapters

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    Default Re: Recommended wireless usb adapters

    I've had intermittent issues with traffic forwarding with my stock wifi adapter. I'm thinking of buying one of the adapters listed in this discussion to see if it makes a significant difference in addition to the injection support.

    Has anyone noticed an increase in efficiency with packet forwarding with their purchased adapters compared to their stock adapters? I'm just wondering.

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    Default Re: Recommended wireless usb adapters

    Quote Originally Posted by ant2009 View Post
    A lot of people have good experience with the Alfa network.

    I still prefer the TP-Link or the netgear just based on being compact in size and easy to take with me anywhere.

    IMHO, I think the Alfa are very suspicious looking with the antenna sticking up like that.
    beware of tp-link cards though, i've used 2 so far & both deteriorated (all APs show only 3 bar of signals).
    tp-link cards are cheap but the quality/ endurance is not so convincing ...

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