I've been messing around with Hamster and Ferret lately and have gotten it to work on BT5R2 x64 to the extent that it will sniff packets and find targets and not kick back mon0 like it does out of the box (I used the fix on these forums that allows the apps to work on x64 opposed to simply x32) but now I am posed with several other issues:

-no matter what I seem to do with iwconfig or airmon-ng I am unable to have hamster/ferret sniff on any other channel than channel 6 of my wifi adapter (mon0), the app just seems to want to default to channel 6. how can this be addressed? has anyone else had this issue or found a fix.

-my second problem is that when I access the hamster / ferret web ui via firefox (I make sure to clear my cookies first) and when targets and database's start to populate the corresponding links to the target do not show up on the left side in the frame. my firefox uses noscript and I allow or whatever it is to the exceptions. has anyone else had this issue? is there something I am doing wrong here?

I know this program is long since unsupported but it still seems to work for some since it is still pre-installed on backtrack. as a backup plan I was debating running the 32bit version from a virtual machine within 64bit but I was hoping to avoid this since I love RAM

any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!