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Thread: Medusa only testing the first password in a list

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    Default Medusa only testing the first password in a list

    Hello, all. I'm very new to backtrack and have been tinkering quite a bit for the past few days.

    Today I was trying to see if I could break into my router using a password list I knew contained my password. My problem is that medusa is only testing the first password in my list. I know the list has my password in it because I made it myself. I eventually used hydra and found the correct password, but I still would like to understand what I'm doing wrong.
    I've searched the forums, but I can't find any other posts that present a solution to this problem. I'd appreciate all the help I can get.

    These are the steps I used:

    nmap p-
    to find the open ports and services

    medusa –h –u admin –P /pentest/passwords/wordlists/plist.romans.txt –M http
    to try and find the password.

    As I stated before, this only tested the first password in the list, and said it was successful.

    After that didn't work, I used hydra to see if it was my word list or something else that I was doing wrong.
     hydra -l admin -P /pentest/passwords/wordlists/plist.romans.txt http-get /cgi-bin/index_tmp.html
    Using this command gave me the correct password in a matter of seconds.

    Can someone please help me out by either explaining what I've done wrong or pointing me in the right direction?

    Just to reiterate a couple things I've seen a lot on these kinds of posts:
    Yes, this is my router, that I own, on my network, that I'm accessing. Everything's 100% legal.
    Yes, I've googled and searched the forums quite a bit. I haven't been able to find an answer to my problem. If I missed something blatantly obvious, I'm sorry, but I did my best to not have to post.

    If you need any more info, just ask and I'll be glad to supply. Thanks for any and all help y'all are willing to give.


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    Default Re: Medusa only testing the first password in a list

    nano or vi your password list to make sure the character returns aren't there. Editing password lists from windows will sometimes add them.
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    Default Re: Medusa only testing the first password in a list

    I'm gong to guess that you actually need to use the web-form module not the http module. (Or maybe you simply need to specify options for http and not just trust the defaults.)

    To list modules use:
    medusa -d
    To get help on a specific module (such as http) use:
    medusa -M <module> -q
    medusa -M http -q
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