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Thread: problem with Evil Java Applet

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    Default problem with Evil Java Applet

    I am currently running backtrack on VMware in windows 7.

    I have made windows 7 (with Kaspersky internet security activated) use the internal wireless card to join my WIFI network and my VM BT5R2 is connecting to the WIFI using my USB ALFA Wi-Fi.

    I then setup my /var/www folder with the evil java app and website. I then DNS and ARP spoofed the network in BT5R2.

    I tested it worked using my windows 7 laptop and everything was working i asked to download the java evil app and gained meterpreter.


    When i tested with a separate laptop with only default security it was successfully diverted to my evil java app page but was never prompted to download the evil java app???

    Any idea why a laptop with high security is fooled by the app and a laptop with the same OS but no security is not affected? I wanted all clients on the network to be offered the evil java app for download. Am i doing something wrong?
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    Default Re: problem with Evil Java Applet

    Fixed the problem now by adding a download button on the page incase the pop-up does not appear.

    I was wondering does a java meterpreter not have all the function of a normal one because none of the scripts are working for me. I get error saying "This version of Meterpreter is not supported with this Script!"? If this is the case anyone know an easy work around or some good java scripts for meterpreter?

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