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Thread: problem with Evil Java Applet

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    Default problem with Evil Java Applet

    I am currently running backtrack on VMware in windows 7.

    I have made windows 7 (with Kaspersky internet security activated) use the internal wireless card to join my WIFI network and my VM BT5R2 is connecting to the WIFI using my USB ALFA Wi-Fi.

    I then setup my /var/www folder with the evil java app and website. I then DNS and ARP spoofed the network in BT5R2.

    I tested it worked using my windows 7 laptop and everything was working i asked to download the java evil app and gained meterpreter.


    When i tested with a separate laptop with only default security it was successfully diverted to my evil java app page but was never prompted to download the evil java app???

    Any idea why a laptop with high security is fooled by the app and a laptop with the same OS but no security is not affected? I wanted all clients on the network to be offered the evil java app for download. Am i doing something wrong?
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