Hi everybody. I am in desperate need of some help here. My system configuration is Intel core 2 duo processor P8600 2.4GHz(2 CPUs) and I have a 2GB RAM. I downloaded an image of BT5 r2 from the official site. After the download I also verified the hash code of the download using the tool, HashCalc, mentioned on the official site and the hash code generated perfectly matched the one given on the official site.
The file type of the image downloaded is "elby.VCDMount.1" and not ".iso". Then I wanted to make a live dvd using this image. So i used Nero to burn this file on the disc. I used Nero's "burn image" option to do this. The burn process was also completed succesfully.
Now when I try to use this burnt DVD as a live DVD for BT 5, it does not get started. After a few seconds of the blinking prompt Windows starts booting up again. I have checked my BIOS to ensure that my first boot device is the CD-ROM. And the ROM works perfectly fine because if I try using a live Knoppix CD it works very well and fine.
Please help , i really don't understand where am i going wrong. Thanks in advance.