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Thread: USB live - "Operating system not found"

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    Default USB live - "Operating system not found"

    Hello everyone.
    At the very beginning i would like to say that i checked few threads on forum, where people had simmilar problem to me, but in the end or they have some other resolve, or they just stop answering on the forum ;/

    My problem is rather odd... I have 2 laptops, one is a Samsung RV511 where my Live USB doesn't work and second (old one) Fujitsu-Siemens where same USB Pendrive is working properly ;/ Ofcourse i want to somehow have this BT 5 on USB on the Samsung ;p

    I don't really know from which point i should start, so i just write down what i know and what i've done till now:
    • So, I'm pretty sure that the problem is a motherboard of the Samsung laptop, cause as i said before on the Fujitsu laptop it's working properly (to be perfectly sure, i have disconnected all other devices, just Live USB was sticked to the port in both case - old and new laptop).
    • In BIOS in boot options i left only those things with "USB" in title, all other devices i just turned off. When I done this I get black screen and info "Operating system not found".
    • To create live USB I use "unetbootini" and "LiLi USB Creator" - no changes in both case, still not working.

    Is it really issue of the motherboard or i've just missed something, and what should i do to fix it?

    Thanks for any help with this

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    Default Re: USB live - "Operating system not found"

    I'm not an expert by any means, but if it's giving you the OS not found info then your mother board is probably fine. Make sure that your Pendrive comes first in the boot order. You may be getting that info because your computer is looking for an operating system in a disabled hard drive.
    Here's one more USB creator to use as a last ditch effort:
    That's what I used, I never even attempted to use unetbootin.
    If you really think its your mother board, check out ebay. There's a lot of good computer parts to be found there, & it's where I got 90% of the parts for my IBM/Lenovo Laptop.

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    Default Re: USB live - "Operating system not found"

    I had the same problem with a desktop motherboard. It was a Gigabyte one.
    The problem for me was, that the bios on the board used a proprietary driver for removable devices that only booted NTFS partitions.
    Check if you could boot a Windows 7 NTFS instalation stick. The outcome of that could give you the answer

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