Hi All,

I am trying to deface my own home wireless network with connected client.
Client is connected and generating ARP requests. I verified it by sniffing packets through wireshark on mon0

But aireplay-ng is not capturing those packets.


I have already tried with deauthentication attack but still it is not capturing even a single ARP.
BTW, my AP is set to WPA2.

It is what i followed
1. Created mon0 on wlan0 channel 1 (my AP is on channel 1)
2. Run airodump-ng to get AP MAC and Client MAC
3. trying aireplay-ng to inject packets
while aireplay-ng is running, i tried
a. deauthentication attack
b. disconnect/connect client again

I also tried with NO CLEINT and used fake auth and associate mon0 with AP, but no luck, no ARP capture.
ARP requests are available (as shown above in screenshot) bit aireplay-ng is not capturing.

Can ARP be captured only if i have WEP?

Can anyone please help me with this regard?

Thank you