It is now already very very annoying issue. Is is anybody able to switch users and logout from X Widows session without getting black screen after that.
I already try to change dozens nvidia drivers always with fresh installation without any luck. With nouveau drivers everything is fine, but with nvidia ......
Browsing various forums and web didn't result in any solution. Seems to me that this problem still persist in most of the users with nvidia drivers installed.
Caps Lock, Num Lk and rest of the keys are working. I am able to guess and enter reboot without seeing the screen to restart system.
All drivers are downloaded from official nvidia download site. System is fresh and without any updates, modifications or something similar. Nvidia drivers and CUDA tollkit are working fine. Another try was to use custom BT 5 R2 ( with prepared configuration for CUDA, but result was the same.

Please any help or suggestion?