I've searched the whole internet up and down and am unable to find a solution. I don't want to wait a month to receive another external card. I purchased this one, made a mistake I guess, shoulda gone Alfa right away. Anyway.. I might just go Alfa now even if I get this working but I want to try first.

Wifi external chip: RTL8188SU
BT Version: 5R2 64 bit running off Ubuntu 64bit via VMWare player.

I have tried 23174289317 fixes all over the places but they are all 2+ years old and none of them are working. Please help me out if you can. I've scoured this forum up and down as well.

Let me know what else you need, I will provide all command lines and responses if you'd like. It's not even the airmon I can't get to work. I can't even get linux to recognize the chip but I still have internet through my normal computer (i.e. the one running the vmw)

Thanks for any help.