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Thread: Ettercap problem

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    Ettercap's arp poisoning is difficult to use... while C&A's is more easier when you see the video at infexists..

    The PDF file is called "Wireless Access points and ARP Posioning" by BOb Fleck and Jordan Dimov. search for those terms at google and you should find the PDF. the PDF just EXPLAINS it but it does not tell you how to do it. (about page 9 and down) my method above tells you how to do it. so essentially a wireless system becomes wired. maybe someday others can scan other subnets other than for other 'hidden' LANs

    If it works well for others hope this can become a sticky

    Wired lans are not found anywhere, unless you work for a company or is in a drom, while wireless access is almost everywhere.

    If you live near Starbucks/Airport/FON or something that offers Wifi access, you can scan for ALL traffic that goes through. wired or wireless, and especially OUTGOING traffic... thats where all the passwords for forums and banks and nntp are from.

    IPV6 will fix this problem of ARP poisoning, while WPA/WPA2 still does not if you can get the pw.

    Maybe it will work on mesh networks too, but its not in my area.

    Its a good way to get nntp pw over people's wired connection. most people turn on their access point with no clients thinking its safe..

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    I have been able to get ettercap ARP poisoning computers on my LAN from my wireless laptop without doing anything special. I followed irongeeks filter tutorial and got that working and also sniffed my gmail un/pass from my wired XP box. The only thing that is confusing me is that the attacks are not working at my roommates laptop. I could understand if the attacks did not work on the network at all (from the wireless), but could someone explain why it successfully affects the wired clients but not other wireless ones?


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    Default Ettercap Woe's :(

    The saga continues here unfortunately. Not only with BT3 but BT2 HD install. I too get the permission denied - root error. I have tried everything mentioned above - everything. Reinstalled both BT2 and 3 twice - no joy. Spent countless hours on google, ettercap forums etc only to find this is a VERY common problem and no-one seems to be able to quite figure out a common cause.

    Please if anyone has any solid information on this issue post it.

    Many thanks

    back to the googleing and testing ..

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