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Thread: AWUS050NH SIOCSIFFLAGS & Review!

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    Hi people!

    I have been working with the alfa 500mw n usb adapter with the 2870 Ralink chip for a few weeks now. I have had good results with compat-wireless patches and Ralink drivers n' firmware for injecting and connecting --depending on which kernel I use. Thats not my question..

    I need an understanding of an error I get:
     SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not permitted
    I get this error it seems when I:
    A. start my laptop without the usb plugged into it, then plug it in and do a ra0 up--NO GO
    B. start my laptop *with* the usb plugged in (all is good for now) but then, airmon-ng start ra0, wait a few minutes and airmon-ng stop ra0 and try to bring ra0 back up with ifconfig ra0 up or airmon-ng start ra0

    Basicly as long as I plug in before i boot up and dont stop airmon-ng i'm good.

    But why? I have searched for atleast 20 hours total *work at home* on this and found nothing but questions.

    Asside from that, Whats the best wireless adapter? This alfa card is ok but is atleast 8db quieter than my 600mw enginous pci card. The recieve sensitivity sucks!!! And I was even using the same 24dbi antenna on both when i tested the sensitivity. So don't come whining to me when u buy one of these and you cant recieve as good as others. YOU WERE WARNED

    Shout out to the Backtrack OG's for this nice package of tools, and neverending wisdom

    OK so that was my moment of ignorance!

    I had to start the network and then it works--

    But i notice that when i boot without the usb plugged in, and then start the network, My hard drive grinds for like 7 minutes before the interface comes up and sometimes completely locks up.

    It is a very old Dell latitude probably why it takes so long, perhaps dhclient is the slowdown?

    I will post the results im still working on it
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