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Thread: metasploit v4.4.0-dev : search function not working fully

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    Default metasploit v4.4.0-dev : search function not working fully

    Hi all,

    This is my machine: BackTrack 5 R2 Gnome 64 bit : Linux bt 3.2.6 x86_64 GNU/Linux : HDD installed
    metasploit v4.4.0-dev

    Ok Good news first: Metasploit works
    Bad News: search function in msfconsole does not work fully.
    root@bt:~# msfconsole
           =[ metasploit v4.4.0-dev [core:4.4 api:1.0]
    + -- --=[ 894 exploits - 484 auxiliary - 150 post
    + -- --=[ 251 payloads - 28 encoders - 8 nops
           =[ svn r15571 updated today (2012.07.04)
    msf > search netapi
    msf >
    I am trying to search for string 'netapi' and the search function renders null. On closer inspection this is what I find.

    If I try to find shell_reverse_tcp it does find it. See the output below:

    msf > search shell_reverse_tcp
    Matching Modules
       Name                                     Disclosure Date  Rank    Description
       ----                                     ---------------  ----    -----------
       payload/aix/ppc/shell_reverse_tcp                         normal  AIX Command Shell, Reverse TCP Inline
       payload/bsd/sparc/shell_reverse_tcp                       normal  BSD Command Shell, Reverse TCP Inline
       payload/windows/shell_reverse_tcp                         normal  Windows Command Shell, Reverse TCP Inline
       payload/windows/x64/shell_reverse_tcp                     normal  Windows x64 Command Shell, Reverse TCP Inline
    msf >
    So it seems to me that search function is searching the payload but NOT the exploits.

    Any idea anyone, please



    When I try to load this module it fails:
    msf > use windows/smb/ms08_67_netapi
    [-] Failed to load module: windows/smb/ms08_67_netapi
    Something is wrong somewhere..
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