rmmod com_sense
ifconfig brain0 down && ifconfig brain0 up
iwconfig brain0 mode unmanaged
iwconfig brain0 txpower 0mW
iwconfig brain0 sens none

get yourself banned console v 0.4
with apologies to the metasploit team

(8 unacceptable questions, 5 payloads, 1 destination)

gyab> show unacceptable questions

   ilgl_wap_neighbor	How do I break into my neighbor's wireless network?
   ilgl_wap_coffee	How do I break into my local coffee shop's wireless network?
   ilgl_wap_hotel	How do I break into my hotel's wireless network?
   ilgl_wap_fakeclient	How do I break into my "client's" wireless network?
   ilgl_general		How do I <insert illegal hacking task here>?
   spam_software	Buy <blah, blah, blah> for only <blah, blah, blah>!
   spam_accusatory	You know you all are a bunch of criminal hackers anyway, so tell me what I want to know!
   spam_expletive	You <bleep>ing mods, go ahead and <bleep>ing ban me!

gyab> use ilgl_wap_neighbor
gyab ilgl_wap_neighbor> show payloads

   ridicule_streaker69	streaker69 makes fun of you and you get banned
   ridicule_bp		balding_parrot makes fun of you and you get banned
   ridicule_xploitz	xploitz makes fun of you and you get banned
   ridicule_general	lots of people make fun of you and you get banned
   pld_all_above	all of the above

gyab ilgl_wap_neighbor> set PAYLOAD pld_all_above
gyab ilgl_wap_neighbor pld_all_above> show post destinations

   idiots_corner	The Idiot's Corner

gyab ilgl_wap_neighbor pld_all_above> set DEST idiots_corner
gyab ilgl_wap_neighbor pld_all_above> post

Connecting to Remote Exploit's Newbie forum...
Posting unacceptable question...
Post successful.
Waiting for feedback...

   streaker69:		<something about soap, walnuts, jail cells, and bubba>
			<we all laugh while feeling mildly uncomfortable>

   balding_parrot:	<like Zorro with a keyboard, he cuts you down to 3 microns with his rapier wit>
			<and leaves a "bp" on your virtual forehead>

   xploitz:		<you can almost hear the power-corrupted laughter> 
			<as he thanks you for giving him someone to practice his new mad mod skillz on>

   theprez98:		<states "We do not condone your behavior. This thread is closed and you are banned.">
			<mumbles to himself "This was so much easier when I could just shoot 'em">
Feedback received.
Checking thread location...
Thread moved to the Idiot's Corner.
Checking account status...
Account ban successful.
Unable to continue connection. Connection reset by remote server. Good-bye.