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    Hi, I have a script to quickly setup firewall and networking in Backtrack, I'm using it for some years now and it's a time to share it
    The script is very useful in my case because I don't have to type too much into console to make firewall and wireless work.

    You can review the script using a text editor of course and of course if needed you can edit it to mach your needs, it works great on my Backtrack but you may need to adjust it (maybe) to make it work on your copy of Backtrack.

    Actually when you ran it you'll be offered with various options like "Setup" "Update firewall" "Connect" etc...

    There is no help included, however I'm sure you'll understand what it does once you open it
    The only thing worth noting is to run a "Setup" option when you first time ran it, so that configuration get's updated.
    Inside a zipped file are 2 files: a script and configuration, they must be in the same folder of course.

    I hope someone will like it..

    File allegati File allegati

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