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I have now downloaded the OSWA ISO and here are couple of issues:
1. I do not think the developers want this ISO to run under any virtual environment
2. Very poor mouse integration under Virtual Box Practically unoperable
3. VMWare installation was better however just about any apps you open including moocherhunter, when you right click inside the shell the app just vanishes. Basically you need to just work in command line (which is ok)
Yes, I don't think the distro was made with virtualization in mind, either.
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4. Here is the nail in the coffin: Moocherhunter only supports the following chipsets: PRISM54G, ATHEROS, RTL8187, RT2500, RT2570, IPW2200, IPW2915 where as I have: ID 148f:3070 Ralink Technology, Corp. RT2870/RT3070 Wireless Adapter
I'm sorry to hear that. When I first discovered moocherhunter, I had at least one of the those, so the limitations weren't an issue for me.
Either way, it won't work the way you want. As I understand, you don't want to use a directional antenna, and this is an important piece of hardware for this method to work, because you'll just need to point it and check were the signal strength is better. With omnidirectional antennas, you'll have to wander in circles in order to determine the direction of the frames, and still it would be very difficult.